Web Streaming

NCRS programming can be received from any computer connected to the Internet. Click on the media player located at the top right corner of any of our web pages, and you can begin listening to NCRS. This player may not be available on iPhone or iPad devices. You can also use your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to listen using the Tune-In Radio app or iTunes.  Visit one of these sites to install the app. Open the app, and search for North Carolina Reading Service.  You will then be able to listen to NCRS on your mobile device. NCRS is now available through your Alexa enabled device.  Simply say: “Alexa, tune In NC Reading Service.” Alexa will then start playing NCRS almost instantly. Finally, if you have a Google Home Assistant, you can now use your Google Home Assistant to stream the North Carolina Reading Service.

Zeno Radio

Zeno radio is available via your telephone.  If you have unlimited calling, just dial 1-631-856-9617 to listen to our station.

SCA Receivers

NCRS broadcasts news and information over a sub-channel of WUNC-FM and can be received over the air anywhere in their service area. To receive our on-air broadcast requires the use of a specially tuned sub-channel receiver (SCA).


To access podcasts (recordings of many of our programs), visit our Podcast page for a complete list of our available programs and instructions on how to access them.

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The following publications and special programs are available as podcasts.  You can listen to them now or download for later.  To get started, click on any podcast name.  You will be presented with a list of episodes for that podcast.  Then click the podcast episode name to listen to the program. Note:  at this time, you cannot subscribe to podcasts.

Special symbols used in the list below have the following meaning:

  • % Hover your cursor over the program name to see a brief description, when available NEW
  • # These programs have been written up as Featured Programs

NCRS Podcast Lists

Program Guide

Explanation of Symbols Used
NC Reading Service brings you current news and information 24/7. Wall Street Journal is aired by “Massachusetts Talking Information Center”. Programs received from other services are indicated with an asterisk (*). Programs that are rebroadcast are indicated with (R).

Connections airs the following monthly schedule on Tuesdays at
2:00 pm
First Tuesday – Tech Tips
Second Tuesday – Triangle YesterYear
Third Tuesday – Education Today
Fourth Tuesday – Legal Matters
Fifth Tuesday – TBA

Explore airs the following monthly schedule on Tuesdays at 2:30
First Tuesday – Read to Succeed
Second Tuesday – Discover Magazine
Third Tuesday – Connect to Success
Fourth Tuesday – All about Pets
Fifth Tuesday – TBD

Special Edition airs the following monthly schedule on Tuesdays at
4:00 pm
First Tuesday – Poetry
Second Tuesday – Community Connections
Third Tuesday – Walter Magazine
Fourth Tuesday – That’s a Laugh!
Fifth Tuesday – TBA

Independent Living airs the following monthly schedule on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm

First Tuesday- Science Fiction
Second Tuesday-Movie/Theatre Reviews
Third Tuesday- Heard Any Good Books Lately?
Fourth Tuesday- NC Museum-History
Fifth Tuesday- TBA

RNR airs the following monthly schedule on: Wednesday at 1:30 pm

First Wednesday – Flavor
Second Wednesday – Salute A Veteran Every-SAVE
Third Wednesday – Reminisce Magazine
Fourth Wednesday – Lion Magazine
Fifth Wednesday – TBA

Potpourri airs the following monthly schedule Wednesdays at 4:00pm

First Wednesday – Nutrition News
Second Wednesday – Restaurant Reviews
Third Wednesday – Thought for Food
Fourth Wednesday – Movie/Theatre Reviews
Fifth Wednesday – TBA